Cultural Diversity & Community Outreach

Cultural Diversity Community Outreach Program

racial justice


  • Advocate for people who are facing discrimination and prejudice Conduct Cultural Awareness WorkshopsProvide culturally specific education, information and referrals

  • Provide community outreach in Ohio Valley

Current Programs:

  • Stand Against Racism – is a movement of the YWCA that aims to
    eliminate racism by raising awareness through its annual event which takes
    place the last Friday of each April. We address the root cause of racism and
    encourage conversations across diverse communities in the USA.

  • STOP - Ohio, Marshall, and Wetzel Counties – (STOP Violence Against Women Program) encourages governmental and nongovernmental agencies to restructure and strengthen the criminal justice system response to be proactive in dealing with the problem of violence against women.

  • Young Ladies Leadership Academy in partnership with Girl Scouts –This program will develop leadership abilities in girls ages 12 through 21, using mentoring and education. We will help the young ladies explore their own strengths while encouraging personal growth, knowledge and self-sufficiency.
  • Statewide Martin Luther King Essay Contest – Conducted annually, the contest is open to all students in grades 1 through 12, public, private and home-schooled, throughout the state of West Virginia.

Royann Johnston, Director

Upcoming Events:

Back N’ The
Day Party/Attire

When:  September 15th, 2012
Where: YWCA – 2nd Floor 1100 Chapline Street, Wheeling, WV
Time:    7pm to Midnight
Price:   $10.00 per person
1st Cultural Diversity Community Cookbook

Do you have a favorite recipe you would love to share with others? Maybe a
traditional dish that has been in your family for years and you want your whole
community to drool over? If so, come join our quest to captivate this town’s
diverse delicacies.  We invite all nationalities to participate in this delicious event!

Your name and recipe will be highlighted in this fabulous diversified cookbook! Just
imagine being part of our YWCA legacy that will be shared and enjoyed by all
for many years to come!

Recipe criteria and submission process:

  • With the submission of your recipe(s), you will be rewarded one $5 discounted coupon to be used towards the purchase of the cookbook.
  • Must include your full contact information: name, address, phone number.
  • Microsoft Word format, font Arial 12, and one page long required.
  • All recipes should be written in English.
  • Correct Punctuation and Cooking Steps are needed!

All submissions that meet the above requirements should be submitted to by July 16, 2012, for mid-August publication. Upon publication these cookbooks can be purchased at your local YWCA