MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) — It was purple bows and soft light outside the Marshall County Courthouse Thursday night, to remind everyone of a silent and tragic form of abuse.

The YWCA held a candlelight vigil for Domestic Violence Awareness Month during October.

The crowd listened as outreach advocates and local officials spoke on the challenge to bring dignity and basic rights to victims.

A survivor also spoke on how it takes a woman an average of seven times to leave an abusive situation.

Thankfully, the YWCA and law enforcement are well prepared to help begin the healing journey.

“When they first come to me, I see somebody who is lost and confused and scared, and so I’m there to help pick them up and show them that they don’t have to go through any of this alone.”ASHLEY TAYLOR, YWCA OUTREACH ADVOCATE, MARSHALL COUNTY

“The biggest thing just like always, if you see something report it to law enforcement. You can call our office anonymously. If you need to call and report something, believe me, we don’t say who calls. We just respond to the call.”SHERIFF BILL HELMS, MARSHALL COUNTY

That number to call for help at the YWCA is 304-232-2748—where you can join a support group and find a safe harbor 24 hours a day.