The YWCA Wheeling is once again working towards change and answering the question, “What can I do?”

We have initiated a challenge to anyone and everyone. The initiative is called #ChangeForA20. This challenge uses a $20 bill to transform division, into justice and inclusion. Each donation will be used for scholarships to create additional educational opportunities for black, bi-racial and multi-racial students from middle school through college. #ChangeForA20 will also be used to create additional Cultural Diversity awareness education and programming throughout our school systems and communities.

To be a part of the #ChangeForA20 movement as an individual or as a group:

• Go to Click the donate button.

• Send a photo or video featuring your group’s #ChangeForA20 donation on Facebook, Twitter Instagram.

• Send a Challenge to another group with your video or picture

• Tag or mention the YWCA Wheeling with your post.

The goal for the YWCA Wheeling is to turn this #ChangeForA20 Challenge into a movement. A movement that began in the northern panhandle of WV but has the potential to reach far beyond its borders inspiring equality and justice while offering healing and understanding. Donate today by going to and clicking the Donate button for #ChangeForA20 , you can go to or sending a check to YWCA Wheeling at 1100 Chapline Street, Wheeling WV 26003