Wheeling, WV – December 4, 2023– The YWCA Wheeling is thrilled to announce that the local group, Circus Saints and Sinners, selected the YWCA as the beneficiary of their annual Reverse Raffle event, which took place in November. This incredible partnership has resulted in a substantial contribution of $22,000 to the YWCA Wheeling Capital Campaign, earmarked for the essential renovations of our century-old historic building.

The chairman of the Circus Saints and Sinners event, Robert Felton, expressed sincere gratitude for the overwhelming success of the Reverse Raffle and the community’s support. “The Saints and Sinners were grateful to host the Reverse Raffle to benefit YWCA Wheeling. The main reason that this was one of our more successful events is because the sponsors and everyone involved with the event understood that the funds were going to an amazing cause. It’s gratifying to give back to an organization that has been devoted to helping those in need in our community for so long,” said Felton.

In response to this generous contribution, the Executive Director of YWCA Wheeling, Lori Jones, expressed heartfelt appreciation, saying, “We extend our deepest gratitude to Circus Saints and Sinners for their extraordinary commitment to our cause. Their generous donation will significantly impact our ongoing efforts to renovate our historic building, allowing us to provide an even safer and more supportive environment for those seeking refuge from domestic violence. This partnership exemplifies the strength of our community when we come together to support a common goal.”

The YWCA Wheeling, a pillar of support in the community, has been serving the needs of individuals facing domestic violence for many decades. The generous donation from Circus Saints and Sinners will play a crucial role in the YWCA Capital Campaign, specifically directed towards the renovation of our historic building. These renovations are pivotal in ensuring that the YWCA continues to provide a safe haven and comprehensive support services to victims and survivors.

The annual Reverse Raffle event organized by Circus Saints and Sinners not only showcased the community’s spirit of generosity but also highlighted the collective commitment to creating positive change. The YWCA Wheeling extends heartfelt thanks to everyone involved, recognizing the profound impact this contribution will have on the organization’s ability to enhance its facilities and better serve the community.

About YWCA Wheeling

The YWCA Wheeling has been a steadfast advocate for women and a beacon of support for those affected by domestic violence in the community. Committed to eliminating racism and empowering women, the YWCA provides shelter, resources, and assistance to individuals and families in crisis, fostering a safer and more inclusive environment for all.

About Circus Saints and Sinners

Circus Saints and Sinners is a local group dedicated to organizing events that bring the community together for charitable causes. Through their creative and engaging initiatives, they aim to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.