Dear Friends of the YWCA Wheeling:

There is no doubt that this has been an unprecedented week. We, like other social service organizations in the area, remain open and ready to serve. Unfortunately, all too often, times of uncertainty tend to produce an increased number of victims. For them and those who are already sheltered-we are here. Truth be told, we are very familiar with operating under crisis management. Navigating individuals through a crisis and creating options is the nature of what we do every day. I will admit that the nature and scope of this crisis is quite different and has produced new challenges. To this end, the following steps have been taken:

  • No visitors are permitted without an appointment.
  • Our residents are not permitted to leave the building without permission.
  • A black light system has been installed in the entrance way to help purify and sanitize.
  • We are scheduling staff to lessen the number working at any one time.
  • The Y Not Repeat Boutique is closed. We will accommodate any emergency situation.
  • BINGO is cancelled.
  • The entire building is being cleaned and disinfected continually.
  • Daycare for the children of our staff and residents only is available.
  • Additional in house activities have been created for our residents.
  • Our staff remains flexible to fill in where and when needed.
  • We have a plan in place should any one need quarantined.

I will continue to keep you posted as the need for additional initiatives occur. I can’t express my appreciation for the staff of the YWCA Wheeling enough as they remain committed to the service and safety of our residents and clients while managing the increased responsibilities at home. They are honestly a blessing to our community.

I ask two things of our neighbors and friends:

  • As supplies and support from other agencies decreases, please consider making a gift online to or supporting the United Way fund: and assist all the United Way agencies in need during this crisis.
  • Pray for our residents, first responders, medical staff and all those selflessly working to keep our loved ones healthy and safe.

Lori Jones