We have so much planned for the four days while you will be at the Youth Leadership Challenge retreat.
We will be focusing on everyday, essential leadership and life skills, including team building,
communication, problem solving, healthy habits, decision making, conflict resolution, and much more.
We have fun activities planned to highlight the above areas and then more. Nighttime activities will
include ice cream social, dance, movies and games. There will be a variety of speakers on social issue
The retreat will be filled with learning new skills, fun activities, getting to know and make new friends,
individual and team challenges, and you will earn community service.
Your Ultimate Challenge will be on Day 3&4 as you, and your team, tackle a social issue and plan a
community action plan, produce both video and print media to highlight your cause, and plan a future

For more information call us at 304.232.0511 or email Heather Lapp at hlapp@ywcawheeling.org.



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