We’re Working Together to Provide Shelter and You Can Help

YWCA Wheeling has joined the Safe Shelter Collaborative. We are working together with other agencies in our area to provide shelter or shelter referral services to survivors of domestic violence or human trafficking.

In the past, when our shelter was full and a survivor urgently needed a place to stay, finding available emergency shelter involved multiple phone calls to other agencies trying to find available beds. Worst of all, survivors were forced to relive their trauma with each retelling of their story. The Safe Shelter Collaborative stops this cycle.

The Safe Shelter Collaborative uses technology to improve access to urgently-needed shelter for a greater number of survivors. When our beds are full and we need to locate alternative shelter, we send an online request to the collaborative. Within minutes, we receive replies letting us know who might have space for our client.

Sometimes appropriate shelter space is not available. This is when we turn to our donors for help. When there isn’t available shelter and a hotel placement is appropriate for the survivor, we can send an alert to our individual donors who have downloaded the SafeNight mobile app, asking them to pay for a hotel stay. Users receive an alert on their phone and have an opportunity to make an immediate tax-deductible donation to help fund a hotel stay for someone who otherwise has no place to go to escape an abusive situation.

You can help. Anyone can give a room, providing a safe night for a person in need. Download the SafeNight app and select our agency to support. See http://www.safenightapp.org for more information.