Hello Family and Friends,

I have signed up to do something that many of you may think is crazy.  I have joined Over the Edge in support of the YWCA Wheeling.  Over The Edge is much like it sounds.  August 19, 2017, I will stand on the roof of the ou 2017 building in downtown Wheeling, step Over the Edge and rappel 126 feet to the ground! I’m not making this up…check out the event website: https://ywcawheeling.org/ote/

I am not asking you to rappel the building with me but I will need your support to get to the top.  I am not only pledging to go Over the Edge, but I am also committing to raise $1,000. for the YWCA, whose mission is to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.  Is there a better empowerment event than going Over the Edge?

How can you help?  By making a 100% tax deductible donation to my website here: (insert your website)

You may also send checks or money orders made out to YWCA Wheeling:

(Insert your name and address here).

Please help me support the great work that the YWCA is doing. I promise to climb down a building in return! Thank you for supporting the YWCA Wheeling and helping me to go OVER THE EDGE.


(Your name here)

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