AEP Provides $10,000 for YWCA Wheeling Capital Campaign

Wheeling, WV – December 15, 2023 – American Electric Power, in collaboration with the AEP Foundation, has announced a generous donation of $10,000 to the YWCA Wheeling Capital Campaign. The contribution aims to assist the YWCA Wheeling in crucial facility upgrades to accommodate the growing demands of their programs, which have experienced significant expansion over the past decade.

The YWCA Wheeling has seen remarkable growth in its programs, placing strain on existing infrastructure. With the passing years, vital systems such as the 1969 elevator faced challenges due to unavailable parts, and the electrical and plumbing systems have been in need of significant upgrades. The absence of air conditioning and the deterioration of terra cotta pieces near the roof have further added to the facility’s challenges.

Despite these obstacles, the YWCA Wheeling’s Board made the commendable decision to remain in the building, recognizing the indispensable role it plays in supporting women as they embark on new beginnings. The proximity to essential city amenities and the local bus system underscores the building’s importance in facilitating the success of those restarting their lives.

Erikka Storch, External Affairs Manager at AEP, expressed the organization’s commitment to addressing the human needs of the communities they serve. “American Electric Power believes in the mission of the YWCA and recognizes the pivotal role it plays in empowering and supporting women in our community. We are proud to contribute to the YWCA Wheeling Capital Campaign, knowing that these facility upgrades will enhance their ability to make a lasting impact on the lives of those they serve.”

The donation from the AEP Foundation highlights their dedication to supporting local organizations that make a meaningful difference in the communities they serve. This contribution to the YWCA Wheeling Capital Campaign is a testament to their commitment to social responsibility and meeting people where they are.


Circus Saints and Sinners Generously Select YWCA Wheeling as the Beneficiary of their Annual Reverse Raffle, Contributing $22,000 to YWCA Capital Campaign

Wheeling, WV – December 4, 2023– The YWCA Wheeling is thrilled to announce that the local group, Circus Saints and Sinners, selected the YWCA as the beneficiary of their annual Reverse Raffle event, which took place in November. This incredible partnership has resulted in a substantial contribution of $22,000 to the YWCA Wheeling Capital Campaign, earmarked for the essential renovations of our century-old historic building.

The chairman of the Circus Saints and Sinners event, Robert Felton, expressed sincere gratitude for the overwhelming success of the Reverse Raffle and the community’s support. “The Saints and Sinners were grateful to host the Reverse Raffle to benefit YWCA Wheeling. The main reason that this was one of our more successful events is because the sponsors and everyone involved with the event understood that the funds were going to an amazing cause. It’s gratifying to give back to an organization that has been devoted to helping those in need in our community for so long,” said Felton.

In response to this generous contribution, the Executive Director of YWCA Wheeling, Lori Jones, expressed heartfelt appreciation, saying, “We extend our deepest gratitude to Circus Saints and Sinners for their extraordinary commitment to our cause. Their generous donation will significantly impact our ongoing efforts to renovate our historic building, allowing us to provide an even safer and more supportive environment for those seeking refuge from domestic violence. This partnership exemplifies the strength of our community when we come together to support a common goal.”

The YWCA Wheeling, a pillar of support in the community, has been serving the needs of individuals facing domestic violence for many decades. The generous donation from Circus Saints and Sinners will play a crucial role in the YWCA Capital Campaign, specifically directed towards the renovation of our historic building. These renovations are pivotal in ensuring that the YWCA continues to provide a safe haven and comprehensive support services to victims and survivors.

The annual Reverse Raffle event organized by Circus Saints and Sinners not only showcased the community’s spirit of generosity but also highlighted the collective commitment to creating positive change. The YWCA Wheeling extends heartfelt thanks to everyone involved, recognizing the profound impact this contribution will have on the organization’s ability to enhance its facilities and better serve the community.

About YWCA Wheeling

The YWCA Wheeling has been a steadfast advocate for women and a beacon of support for those affected by domestic violence in the community. Committed to eliminating racism and empowering women, the YWCA provides shelter, resources, and assistance to individuals and families in crisis, fostering a safer and more inclusive environment for all.

About Circus Saints and Sinners

Circus Saints and Sinners is a local group dedicated to organizing events that bring the community together for charitable causes. Through their creative and engaging initiatives, they aim to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.


YWCA Wheeling Awarded Tax Credits For Necessary Renovations to Historic Building

WHEELING, W.Va – May 25, 2023 – The YWCA Wheeling is excited to announce the investment of the New Market Tax Credits and Historic Tax Credits that will enable the YWCA to revitalize and expand the century old building on Chapline Street. This deal is in partnership with National Trust Community Investment Corporation (NTCIC), US Bank, and financed by Belmont Savings Bank.  

Since 1906, the YWCA Wheeling has been the champion of “eliminating racism and empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all”. For over a century, the YWCA has adapted and transformed to add new and crucial programming that would meet the needs of the community, but a century of wear and tear on the historic building now requires essential repairs and upgrades to ensure the YWCA can continue operating in the same building for another hundred years.

“This building is steeped in over a century of helping to meet women, families and men where they are. Over the years we have grown and morphed to meet the changing needs of the community and in order to continue this hard work, we need to make changes to our historic Chapline Street location,” said Lori Jones, Executive Director of the YWCA Wheeling.

Belmont Savings Bank has helped finance this deal for a total development cost of $16.8 million including a financing cost of $10 million New Market Tax Credits, $2.7 million Historic Tax Credits, and $3.4 million State Historic Tax Credits through the facilitation of NTCIC.

“We are thrilled to help with a project that makes a difference in the Ohio Valley,” stated Mike Taylor, Executive Vice President Commercial Lending. “Partnering for upgrades to the building, infrastructure and security will allow the YWCA to continue and increase the powerful and necessary services that provide critical needs of women and children in our community.” 

The renovation of the century old YWCA Wheeling building will be upgraded to enhance the quality of life for employees, residents and community members and support an additional 1,200 women and families each year. Necessary renovations will include expanded and enhanced programming and housing spaces, which will provide space for up to 55 women and families, new HVAC system, which is a first for the building, upgraded plumbing and electrical, a new elevator and other renovations that will ensure the YWCA can continue serving the community and sustain their mission. ‘

These critical renovations of the YWCA facility will preserve a piece of Wheeling’s history and ensure the continued functionality of a resource that provides life-saving services to women, children and men in the Northern Panhandle.


Since 1906, the YWCA Wheeling has provided services to individuals regardless of race, gender, age or religion in the West Virginia Northern Panhandle, including Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel, Brooke and Hancock counties in WV and Belmont and Jefferson counties in OH.

Belmont Savings Bank has been helping local residents with their financial needs since 1885. With offices in Barnesville, Bellaire, Powhatan Point and St. Clairsville, Belmont Savings Bank offers checking accounts, loans, online banking, mobile banking and more for your business and personal goals. Visit www.belmont-savings.com for more information.




YWCA Wheeling  commemorates National Crime Victims’ Rights Week April 23–29, 2023

WHEELING, W.Va – April 14, 2023 – The YWCA Wheelingis commemorating National Crime Victims’ Rights Week from April 23–29, 2023 by displaying mannequins that have been commissioned by West Liberty University Art Department students which portray thought-provoking pieces related to domestic violence, substance use disorder, hate crimes and human trafficking.

According to a report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2021, there were more than 4.6 million violent victimizations and 11.7 million property crimes, the latest year for which such information is available.

“It is crucial in our line of work to be able to hear and believe the victims we are charged with helping,” said Lori Jones, Executive Director of the YWCA Wheeling. “It is so important that the victim know they have a safe space to tell their story and know they are being believed. It’s important for their healing and to have support at every step of the criminal justice process and beyond.”

West Liberty University art students were eager to be a part of a project that would bring awareness and foster conversation around topics that are often hushed.

West Liberty University Creative Arts Therapy Instructor, Terri Giller is especially proud to be a part of this awareness project. “As an art therapist, who has worked with individuals that have experienced or who were recovering from crimes such as domestic violence, substance use disorders, human trafficking, and hate crimes, I am so grateful for this opportunity for WLU Studio Art and Creative Arts Therapy majors to participate in this project.  Art has the ability to help the public understand the impact of violent crimes and the victims of crime as more than just a statistic. The visual representations can allow the viewer to see the impact of crime on victims in a whole new way or gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of others.”

The federal Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) leads communities throughout the country in their annual observances of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week by raising awareness of victims’ rights and honoring crime victims and those who advocate on their behalf. This year’s theme is “Survivor Voices: Elevate. Engage. Effect Change.”

Partner organizations are committed to engaging with victims of crime; learning from their lived experiences; amplifying their voices; and fostering an environment where they are heard, believed, and supported.

During NCVRW 2023, YWCA Wheeling will share information about victims’ rights and resources and underscore the importance of listening to survivors’ voices in every space where decisions are made that could impact them by displaying these pieces of art that invoke a sense of empathy towards the victims path.

For additional information about this year’s National Crime Victims’ Rights Week and how to assist crime victims, please contact the YWCA Wheeling at 304-232-0511 or visit our website at www.ywcawheeling.org

For more information about how to support all victims of crime, visit OVC’s website at ovc.ojp.gov.

Since 1906, the YWCA Wheeling has provided services to individuals regardless of race, gender, age, or religion in the West Virginia Northern Panhandle, including Ohio, Marshall, Brooke, Wetzel, Hancock Counties, and Belmont and Jefferson Counties in Ohio. 


YWCA Wheeling Capital Campaign Kick-Off, Already Over 80% of Goal

WHEELING, W.Va. – January 11, 2023 – Expanding upon its 117-year history of eliminating racism and empowering women in the Ohio Valley, the YWCA Wheeling has secured over $9 million in their first ever Capital Campaign, with a goal of $11 million to make necessary structural repairs and upgrades to the historic building that sits on Chapline Street, meet programming needs and allow for expansion to meet the needs of the Ohio Valley. The Building Hope, Reclaiming Lives campaign hopes to raise the remaining $1.8 million to support the necessary renovations.  

The “Building Hope and Reclaiming Lives” campaign began a quiet phase in 2020 and has been able to meet a significant amount of the goal through some donors and grants. The money secured from the campaign will renovate needed areas within the YWCA walls including upgrades to the elevator, increase the amount of rooms for residents, central heating and cooling, among other critical changes. The cost of the many renovations originally started at $5 million and steadily rose due to the increase of costs and needed repairs, putting the total at $11 million.

Due to the wear and tear of the building over the last 100 years coupled with the consistent growth over the years of families and individuals in need, the YWCA is in need of these renovations now more than ever before.

“Successful campaigns bring focus and unity to a shared vision,” said Executive Director, Lori Jones. “This shared vision of eliminating racism and empowering women will move the YWCA forward as we continue this critical work that our community needs, and ultimately help more people as we pivot and adapt to the complexities we face and the issues facing those we serve.”

The campaign is structed so that community members can contribute to specific target areas of their choice through naming and recognition opportunities. “The generosity of our community continues to amaze me,” added Jones. “The YWCA Wheeling relies on the kindness of individual donors, grants and foundations in order to carry out our mission, and this campaign is no exception. What will be your share?”

Press Releases

MPLX Donates Concert Tickets to YWCA Wheeling Clients

WHEELING, West Virginia – April 4, 2023 – MPLX, the largest midstream gas processor in the Northeast, donated concert tickets to the clients and staff of the YWCA Wheeling to see Casting Crowns as they stop in Wheeling on their “The Healer Tour”.

YWCA Wheeling is sincerely honoured to receive these tickets that are available to the residents and staff who might have not been able to attend this uplifting concert otherwise.

Lori Jones, Executive Director of the YWCA Wheeling was very grateful for the thoughtfulness of MPLX. “We are extremely grateful to be the recipient of such generosity. Residents and clients seeking services and sanctuary from the YWCA Wheeling may not always have the ability or opportunity to attend an event like this, so we thank MPLX for their thoughtfulness.”

The Casting Crowns concert is taking place at the Capitol Theatre on Thursday, April 6 beginning at 7:00Pm.

MPLX is a diversified, large-cap master limited partnership formed by Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) that owns and operates midstream energy infrastructure and logistics assets, and provides fuels distribution services. MPLX’s assets include a network of crude oil and refined product pipelines; an inland marine business; light-product terminals; storage caverns; refinery tanks, docks, loading racks, and associated piping; and crude and light-product marine terminals. The company also owns crude oil and natural gas gathering systems and pipelines as well as natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) processing and fractionation facilities in key U.S. supply basins.

Since 1906, the YWCA Wheeling has provided services to individuals regardless of race, gender, age, or religion in the West Virginia Northern Panhandle, including Ohio, Marshall, Brooke, Wetzel, Hancock Counties, and Belmont and Jefferson Counties in Ohio. 


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